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Speculative fix

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2009-06-03 Eric Seidel <>
Reviewed by Darin Adler.
Crash at Node::nodeIndex()
This crash seems to be caused by calling nodeIndex() on
and invalid Node pointer. As far as I can tell, the most likely
explanation is that the Range holding the node is actually
deleted already (thus the memory is junk). Looking at the code
Range changes m_start.container() in its destructor to tell if
the range is detached or not. If somehow m_start.container() was
cleared, the range will never be detached and the Document will end
up with pointers to deleted ranges. I don't know how to reproduce this
any reproduction I could think of would hit ASSERTS in Debug mode.
One reproduction I tried, did not crash in Release mode, even though it
did in Debug mode.
I'm making a speculative fix by always detaching the Range from the document
during ~Range. This is safer, and all we lose is an ASSERT to prevent double-detach.
Another solution would be to instead store an m_attached bool on the Range object, or
expose a Document::isRangeAttached(range) call. Either of those solutions
could affect performance, so I went with this solution for now.
I also removed the RangeBoundaryPoint default constructor
as it is not used anywhere (and is more likely to cause confusion).
Since I can't reproduce the crash, no test.
* dom/Document.cpp:
* dom/Range.cpp:
* dom/RangeBoundaryPoint.h:
RangeBoundaryPoints always have an m_containerNode, ASSERT that.
ASSERT(container) to match all the other functions.
All callers already ASSERT(container). Since we only
have reports if this crash from Release mode, I can only
assume that those ASSERTs would have been hit in a Debug reproduction.
2009-06-11 Shinichiro Hamaji <>
Reviewed by Adam Barth.
......@@ -4287,7 +4287,8 @@ void Document::attachRange(Range* range)
void Document::detachRange(Range* range)
// We don't ASSERT m_ranges.contains(range) to allow us to call this
// unconditionally to fix:
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ PassRefPtr<Range> Range::create(PassRefPtr<Document> ownerDocument, const Positi
if (m_start.container())
// Always detach (even if we've already detached) to fix
#ifndef NDEBUG
......@@ -379,7 +379,6 @@ Range::CompareResults Range::compareNode(Node* refNode, ExceptionCode& ec)
short Range::compareBoundaryPoints(CompareHow how, const Range* sourceRange, ExceptionCode& ec) const
if (!m_start.container()) {
......@@ -1070,6 +1069,7 @@ PassRefPtr<DocumentFragment> Range::createContextualFragment(const String& marku
void Range::detach(ExceptionCode& ec)
// Check first to see if we've already detached:
if (!m_start.container()) {
......@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@ namespace WebCore {
class RangeBoundaryPoint {
explicit RangeBoundaryPoint(PassRefPtr<Node> container);
const Position toPosition() const;
......@@ -63,17 +62,12 @@ private:
Node* m_childBeforeBoundary;
inline RangeBoundaryPoint::RangeBoundaryPoint()
: m_offsetInContainer(0)
, m_childBeforeBoundary(0)
inline RangeBoundaryPoint::RangeBoundaryPoint(PassRefPtr<Node> container)
: m_containerNode(container)
, m_offsetInContainer(0)
, m_childBeforeBoundary(0)
inline Node* RangeBoundaryPoint::container() const
......@@ -116,6 +110,7 @@ inline void RangeBoundaryPoint::clear()
inline void RangeBoundaryPoint::set(PassRefPtr<Node> container, int offset, Node* childBefore)
ASSERT(offset >= 0);
ASSERT(childBefore == (offset ? container->childNode(offset - 1) : 0));
m_containerNode = container;
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