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            <rdar://problem/4125131> REGRESSION (Mail): after certain steps,
            extra blank line appears when typing past end of reply-quoted text
            <rdar://problem/4024996> Applying block styles can cause assertion
            failure in inline style removal
            Prevent VisiblePositions at [br, 1] at the end of root editable elements.
            Layout tests added:
            * inserting/insert-at-end-01.html
            * inserting/insert-at-end-02.html
            Layout tests changed (fixed):
            * editing/deleting/delete-br-011.html
            * editing/deleting/delete-at-paragraph-boundaries-011.html
            * editing/inserting/insert-3786362-fix.html
            * khtml/editing/apply_style_command.cpp:
            Do the layout before calculating start/end positions, not after,
            since upstream/downstream need to know who is rendered/unrendered.
            Don't do equivalentRangeCompliantPosition() on the start position
            in addition to downstream(), since it a) is confusing, b) frequently
            causes start/end to be equal, making removeInlineStyle a no-op and
            c) causes an assertion to fire.
            Only reset start/end using endingSelection() if splitTextElement was
            needed, since reseting start/end negates the work done above to swap
            start/end if they are backwards.
            When the start position points off the end of a node, that node should
            be skipped in all cases, not just the start.node() != end.node() case.
            * khtml/editing/composite_edit_command.cpp:
            Placeholders should be allowed in nodes that aren't blockFlow, for example,
            deleting the b in <div><span>b</span></div> should insert a placeholder.
            The assertion here should really be something like isBlockFlow ||
            isInlineFlow, but I can't assert those until deletion improves (4244964).
            * khtml/editing/delete_selection_command.cpp:
            Don't try to select the placeholder when applying style to it.  It
            isn't necessary, and it's now impossible to do at the end of the
            document in any case.
            * khtml/editing/visible_position.cpp:
            Don't create VisiblePositions at [br, 1] at the end of editable blocks, it
            produces strange/inconsistent editing behavior at the end of the document.
            * khtml/khtml_part.cpp: Fixed a comment.
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