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      Created new itemGen scripts to ease the creation of ODID items from... · adee3fdd
      Craig Pratt authored
      Created new itemGen scripts to ease the creation of ODID items from user-supplied data and DLNA reference content
      For creating an ODID item from an arbitrary content file:
        odid_itemgen.sh [--profile <dlna-profile>]
                [--mime-type <mime-type> | --pd <profile-dictionary>]
                [--protected] [--restamp] [--uri <resource-uri>] [--size <resource-size>]
                [--live-mode <live-mode>] [--live-offset <live-offset>] [--live-duration <live-duration>]
                [--scaled-dir <src-scaled-media-dir>|--make-speeds <speed-list>|--clone-item]
                [--replace-existing|--skip-existing] [--link-content]
                [--item-suffix <suffix>]
                <source-content> <dest-odid-dir>
      For creating multiple odid items from DLNA reference content:
        ingest-dlna-indexable-content.sh [odid_itemgen options] <dlna_content_tree> <dest_odid_dir>
        ingest-dlna-scaled-content.sh [odid_itemgen options] <dlna_content_tree> <dest_odid_dir>
        ingest-dlna-unindexable-content.sh [odid_itemgen options] <dlna_content_tree> <dest_odid_dir>
        Note: These scripts contain lists of DLNA reference content that needs to be
              updated as content is added/removed from the DLNA reference content
      For creating DASH items for a particular set of MPDs:
        create-dash-items.sh [odid_itemgen options] <dlna_content_tree> <dest_odid_dir>
        Note: This script contains a list that corresponds with a particular set of
              MPDs used by the CableLabs CVP2 reference DMS team.
        Note: This script currently contains a hard-coded IP address. This can be
              changed to "@SERVICE_ADDRESS@" for newer CL-Rygel versions that support
              parameter replacement.
      For creating a clone of an odid tree with modified parameters:
        clone-odid-tree.sh [odid-itemgen-options] --skip-unindexed <src-odid-tree> <dest-odid-dir>
             src-odid-tree is a directory path to the ODID tree to be cloned
             and dest-odid-tree is the odid tree to be populated with cloned
             --skip-unindexed will prevent items in src-odid-tree with unindexed resources.
             to be copied. This is useful when creating cloned items that require a normal-
             rate index file (e.g. when creating live-mode cloned resources)
      Tested by Parthi, Neha, and Craig on repective VMs with DLNA reference content.
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      Renamed itemGen-scaled.sh to odid_itemgen.sh and added --item-suffix option · fdadd586
      Craig Pratt authored
      The rename is to allow this script to expand its functionality beyond
       scaled content - since it can/will be used for (indexed) DLNA content without
       scaled content files. And eventually this script may be used to create
       indexes and/or decimated streams using the CableLabs indexVideo tool.
      Updated the convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh to pass through the new flag
       and to call the script by its new name.
      Tested odid_itemgen.sh and the helper with and without the --item-suffix
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      Updates to deal with changes to the DLNA reference content file organization · dfd6aae5
      Craig Pratt authored
      Updated convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh.
       Everything under "Scaled Files" is now "ScaledFiles".
       Had to remove a reference to MPEG_TS_NA_544x480i2997_4x3.ts. It doesn't
        seem to exist anymore.
      Added support for media files with different extensions to itemGen-scaled.sh.
       The reference content isn't consistent with the case of file extensions.
      Tested with latest "DLNAContent" tree provided on 2014-07-22.
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      Added more condition checks/cleanup to indexConvert · f7e8c259
      Craig Pratt authored
      Now checking for out-of-order time/byte values and skipping them (positive- or
      Fixed a bug in rate_from_dlna_index_filename(). It would get confused with
       normal-rate files that had a number as the last part of the basename.
       Added a check for "x". And indexConvert will bail out of the rate returned
       is "0.0".
      Tested convert-dlna-scaled-helper and checked selected index files that
       had entries flagged by indexConvert.
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    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Parameterized the directory paths for convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh · ddd686d7
      Craig Pratt authored
      It now takes the root DLNA content tree and ODID content tree as parameters
       instead of internal variables. This should reduce the need for user editing.
      Generated an odid tree and ensured Rygel/odid was able to process it.
    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Made more improvements to indexConvert to deal with some DLNA reference index file issues · 492139c1
      Craig Pratt authored
      indexConvert will now add a 0-time entry at the start of the odid index
       file when one isn't present on a forward-rate DLNA reference index file or
       at the end of the odid index file for negative-rate index file.
      Added special-case logic to deal with the errant offset values for the
       negative-rate B-LPCM-L-04 index files. The values in these indexes appear
       to be the 32-bit 2's compliment of the real values. This should be bugged
       and the logic removed when the issue is addressed.
      Added logic to exclude index entries with a byte offset equal to the
       preceding index entry. These are illegal in odid index files. And they
       only serve to misrepresent the time range in a DLNA TimeSeekRange response.
      Tested by invoking convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh. Spot checks on the
       log output and some of the produced index files checked out. But testing
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    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Fixed some errors in the itemGen-scaled.sh print_usage() and changed an option flag · 549a97e2
      Craig Pratt authored
      The print_usage() had some stale descriptions.
      Changed the --replace option to --replace-existing and the internal control
       variable name to match.
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      Added audio profiles to convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh, fixed issue with... · c5446e36
      Craig Pratt authored
      Added audio profiles to convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh, fixed issue with ingest-profiles.txt and itemGen-scaled.sh
      convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh now has references to 4 scaled audio formats
       provided by DLNA: AAC_ADTS_320, AAC_ISO_320, LPCM, and MP3.
      Added support to itemGen-scaled.sh to set the "type" property in the item
       file according to the mime type prefix. This allows the resources to
      be advertized with the proper UPnP class.
      Due to a cut-and-paste error (from the spec), the mime type for AAC_ISO_320
       was incorrect in ingest-profiles.txt.
      Adjusted the directory names created by itemGen-scaled.sh. It now generates
       item directories using the profile and content basename and the resource
       subdir is just based on the content basename.
      Tested convert-dlna-scaled-helper. All content items/resources appear to be
       generated without error. Verified the mime types and item classes. Did
       some TimeSeekRange/PlaySpeed spot tests for a couple audio and video
       items. They seem to be performing as expected.
       Not sure the resulting binary from a MP3 time-seek (with non-0 start time)
        is legit. VLC won't render the response body.
       Been primarily testing using the --link-content option since (a) it's way
        faster and (b) I don't have enough disk space to copy all the scaled
        content resources. (but haven't observed any issues with the sym linked
        content either).
    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Added convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh and updated convert-dlna-scaled.sh, ingest-profiles.txt · 50bc7bfb
      Craig Pratt authored
      convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh will invoke itemGen-scaled.sh using a list
       of DLNA-provided scaled reference content. Right now the list has 22
      Updated itemGen-scaled.sh to take --skip-existing and --link-content
      Fixed a bug in itemGen-scaled.sh dealing with files with multiple dots in
       the filename (H.264_720p_AC3_210s.ts was the culprit).
      Added missing profiles to the ingest-profile.txt file.
      TODO: Add scaled audio files to convert-dlna-scaled-helper.sh.
    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Intial working version of itemGen-scaled.sh · dec17d4a
      Craig Pratt authored
      Tested with O-MP2TS_SN_I-4 scaled content.
    • Craig Pratt's avatar
    • Craig Pratt's avatar
      Added check to indexConvert for decreasing byte offset entries · 87eba88f
      Craig Pratt authored
      indexConvert will now bail out if it sees an index entry that's
       smaller than the preceding entry.
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