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Add more info about Make options and how to run moc-adapter.

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......@@ -32,10 +32,30 @@ See: [AllJoyn's instructions for building on Linux](
Right now we're only building on OSX/Linux.
1. export ALLJOYN_INSTALL_DIR=[path to your build of alljoyn core]
2. make [options]
1. `export ALLJOYN_INSTALL_DIR=[path to your build of alljoyn core]`
2. `make [options]`
* DEBUG -- debug build (-g) otherwise -O2 is used
* V -- verbose output (skip if you want cleaner output)
* ALLJOYN_INSTALL_DIR -- The path to where you build the AllJoyn standard core (C++). Example: `~/workspace/alljoyn/build/linux/x86_64/release/dist/cpp/bin`
* LIBXML_INC -- The path to libxml2's includes. Example: `/usr/include/libxml2`
All of these options can be set as environment variables. For example, if you always want to do verbose builds, add this to your `~/.bashrc`:
export V=1
(Since this is a standard Autotools parameter, this will effect most makefiles).
## Running
To run, run `alljoyn-daemon` from the AllJoyn core C++ build (in a directory like `alljoyn/build/linux/x86_64/release/dist/cpp/bin`).
Then run:
It should remain running until you hit "enter" on your keyboard.
If you want to inspect it, a good tool called `seesions` can be found in the same directory as `alljoyn-daemon`. It will show About announcements, and can possibly do more (needs to be investigated).
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