Commit b55f8ef1 authored by Nicolas Metts's avatar Nicolas Metts

Added some additional info on running IoTManager and some explanation of the configurations.

parent 2936dd52
......@@ -3,4 +3,11 @@ Java implementation of IoT interworking app including CL Common Data Model (CDM)
The main application is com.cablelabs.iot.common.IoTManager. This is an interworking app that
communicates via XMPP and translates to/from the CableLabs Common Data Model (CDM) for IoT to the
Hue and AllSeen ecosystems.
Hue and AllSeen ecosystems. The main configuration file for this app is conf/
Among the properties defined in this file are:
xmppServer- the name of the XMPP server to use
xmppUser- The user name to use on the XMPP server
xmppPass- The password to use for the user on the XMPP server
xmppResource- The resource to login as on the XMPP server
hueIp- IP Address of a Hue bridge
manager_ip- The IP Address for the IoTManager to bind to
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