Commit 1c58e287 authored by Greg Rutz's avatar Greg Rutz

Fix quoting to allow args to ccnx_server commands

parent c41d0788
#!/bin/bash -x
echo "Args = $@"
usage() {
echo "Usage: runmetis [OPTION]..."
echo "Generate CCNx metis.cfg file according to the specified links and routes"
......@@ -31,7 +33,7 @@ while getopts ":hs:r:" opt; do
exit 0
servers=("${servers[@]}" $OPTARG)
servers=("${servers[@]}" "$OPTARG")
IFS='=' read -ra ROUTE <<< $OPTARG
......@@ -131,11 +133,12 @@ sleep 2
# Run servers
echo "Running servers..."
for server in "${servers[@]}"; do
echo "Server = $server"
IFS='=' read -ra SERVER <<< $server
echo "Running server for ( "$lciuri","$prog" )..."
ccnx_server --identity /etc/ccnx/ccnx_keystore.p12 --password 1234 $lciuri $prog &
ccnx_server --identity /etc/ccnx/ccnx_keystore.p12 --password 1234 $lciuri "$prog" &
sleep infinity
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